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Dr. Jekyll's Mistresses (DVD)

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This dull sequel to Gritos en la Noche stars Marcelo Arroita Jauregui as Dr. Conrad Fisherman, a mad scientist whose experiments in mind control were spurred on by the dying Dr. Orloff. Angry that his brother Andros (Hugo Blanco) is having an affair with his wife (Luisa Sala), Fisherman turns the man into a radio-controlled robotic zombie. Using Andros, the bitter Fisherman then begins a series of murders targeting strippers and nightclub singers. His plans take an even more diabolical turn with the arrival of his vacationing niece, Melissa (Agnes Spaak). Director Jesus Franco's film is uneven and woodenly acted, with far too much screentime spent on teasing burlesque rather than genuine horror. Franco returned to the same themes in the following year's Miss Muerte with better results. Jose Rubio, Perla Cristal, and Marta Reves co-star, while Franco makes a cameo as a piano-player. By Robert Firsching (All Movie Guide)
Country/Year: Austria/Spain/1964
Director: Jesse Franco
Actors: Hugo Blanco, Luisa Sala
Regional Code: 2 / Pal
Languages: English, French
Subtitles: English
Picture Format: 16x9 Widescreen
Length: 85 Minutes
* Audio Commentary
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