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Rymdinvasion i Lappland (DVD)

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A meteor crashes into the frozen mountains of Northern Sweden, though the Laplanders who witness the event swear that it flew horizontally for hundreds of feet and left skidmarks in the snow. American scientist Dr. Vance Wilson (Robert Burton) is called overseas to help investigate, and joins dashing young geologist Erik Engstrom (Sten Gester) in Stockholm to discuss the phenomenon. Erik meets Wilson's niece, Diane (Barbara Wilson), an Olympic ice skater in training, and the two of them begin flirting heavily both on the slopes and the dancefloor. The scientists are called to the scene of the interstellar accident when an entire herd of reindeer are found mutilated nearby, and Diane stows away on their plane to get close to the action. When Erik and Dr. Wilson examine the meteor closely, however, it's clear to them that it's actually some sort of vessel from outer space. Before they can fly back to the city and alert the authorities, a 20-foot tall behemoth with shaggy fur and gruesome fangs kills a guard and destroys their airplane. Erik and Diane ski off for help, but she injures her knee and finds herself a captive of the enormous monster. Strangely, the creature treats her with gentleness despite her screams. What is the origin of this unearthly beast, and what is its connection to the alien spacecraft? This Swedish-made sci-fi picture was purchased by American producer Jerry Warren, who changed the narrative with new footage and released it to state-side audiences as Invasion of the Animal People in 1962. ~ Fred Beldin, All Movie Guide

Format: Swedish DVD

CountryYear: Sweden/USA/1959

Director: Viril W. Vogel

Actor: Sten Gester, Barbara Wilson.

Regional Code: 2 / Pal

Languages: English

Subtitles: Swedish

Picture Format: Normalbild 1.37:1

Length: 72 Minutes

Extras: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Bertil Jernberg i Lappland: Intervjufilm med Producenten. Bildgalleri. Kortfilm: 13 Demon Street: Iskall lidelse. Lappland Reindeer Ritual: Samekvinnornas uråldriga ritualer.

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