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XXX Hawaii Sex-O-Rama Triple Feature (DVD)

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Tonight we offer you a tropical triple treat imported from horny Hawaii. In Debbie Does Hawaii (1975, 78m) a sexy blonde virgin goes off to college in Hawaii. Her new friends take it upon themselves to turn her into a huge slut so they can use her body as a treat at an upcoming fraternity initiation. Honolulu Hustle (1975, 68m) is the tale of a group of street hoods who botch the robbery of a sex theater and take a hostage. Succumb (1975, 75m) follows a Hawaiian native's drugging and kidnapping of a woman to take revenge against the mainlanders who stole his land.
Regional Code: 0 / NTSC
Languages: English
Length: 78+68+75 Minutes
Extras: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection.
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