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Sex in the Comics (DVD)

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A "Tijuana Bible" was the original jack off material of choice long before XXX magazines and stag films. Usually 8 pages in length and small enough to be hidden in a trouser pocket, these underground comics contained some great art and truly nasty fucking. Sex in the Comics recreated these infamous dirty little secrets in a live action film and ended up being one of the most bizarre films of the 1970's! In somewhat terrifying makeup and wearing rubber masks, the male leads portray characters from the original comics, while the attractive female cast (thankfully) doesn't wear much at all. Making the film all the more surreal, all sets are completely hand drawn in cartoonish colors, but the weirdness doesn't stop there'a penis is so big it pops out of a woman's mouth while she is fucked a guy's balls get stuck in a carnival stripper's snatch a muscular lifeguard bangs a beach babe while she plucks at a ukulele and more! Adding to the narcotic viewing experience, the film is edited with generous jump cuts and freeze frames, and the dialog's well, makes the writing in those original comics seem like Shakespeare.
Country/Year: USA/1970
Actors: Nina Fause, Orita DeChadwick
Regional Code: 0 / NTSC
Languages: English
Length: 70 Minutes
Extras: Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Trailers, Bonus Stills, Original Tijuana Bibles and Sex Comics.
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