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Produktbild för Malastrana (DVD)

Malastrana (DVD)

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A man is found one morning in the bushes of a city plaza in Prague. He is taken to a hospital where the doctors confirm that, although his eyes are wide open, he is dead. There is no heartbeat or sign of life, except, strangely enough, his body temperature is normal. No matter, he's certified as dead and sent into cold storage to wait for an autopsy. "I'm alive," the man thinks, "can't you see I'm alive?" The man, Gregory (Jean Sorel), isn't dead but he's paralyzed and helpless to alert his condition to anyone. As the doctors prepare for the autopsy, Gregory thinks back to yesterday, when he was making plans to help his girlfriend (Barbara Bach) get out of the country. Gregory begins piecing together the mystery of what happened to him in fractured bits of memory -- but will solving the puzzle do him any good? ~ Buzz McClain, All Movie Guide
Country/Year: Italy/1971
Director: Aldo Lado
Actors: Jean Sorel, Ingrid Thulin, Barbara Bach.
Regional Code: 2 / Pal
Languages: Italian, German
Subtitles: English
Picture Format: 16x9 Widescreen 2.35:1
Length: 93 Minutes
* Audio Commentaries by Film Historians Christian Kessler and Marcus Stiglegger
* Featurettes featuring Aldo Lado, Jean Sorel, Dieter Geissler, Mario Morra and Edda Dell Orso
* Trailers
* Booklet
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