Produktbild för Ark of the Sun God 4K UHD (Blu-Ray)

Ark of the Sun God 4K UHD (Blu-Ray)

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Who needs Indiana Jones when you've got Rick Spear? Rick's a master cracksman – the best damn thief in the business – and he's been hired to find the fabled burial chamber of King Gilgamesh and retrieve the valuables within. But he's not the only one on the treasure hunt: others have their eyes on the loot and they'll stop at nothing to get it... A late-career highlight from Italian genre favourite Antonio Margheriti (The Long Hair of Death; Seven Deaths in the Cats Eye), with a characteristically charming performance from David Warbeck (The Beyond) as the dashing Rick, Ark of the Sun God tips its fedora at Raiders of the Lost Ark but adds its own wild invention into the mix. The tomb-raiders at 88 Films are proud to present the 4k UHD premiere of this fabulous slice of 80s adventure.
Format: UK 4K UHD Blu-Ray
Country/Year: Italy/Turkey/1984
Director: Antonio Margheriti
Actors: David Warbeck, John Steiner, Susie Sudlow
Regional Code: Free / Pal
Languages: English/Italian
Subtitles: English
Picture Format: 16x9 Widescreen
Audio: DTS-HD Master Audio
Length: 98 Minutes
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