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Burial Ground (Zombie 3) (Blu-Ray)

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When they arrive to spend the weekend in a large country villa, the guests are expecting a chance to unwind and make merry. Unfortunately, their host has neglected to mention that there are zombies in the basement. They're feeling peckish too...
Boasting icky effects from Gino De Rossi (who arranged atrocities for Zombie Flesh Eaters), Burial Ground is a head-bashing, gut-muching, maggot infested classic from the gory glory days. 88 Films are proud to present this emetic extravaganza in a brand new – and completely uncut – 4K transfer.
Format: UK Blu-Ray (Region B)
Country/Year: Italy/1980
Director: Andrea Bianchi
Actors: Karin Well, Gian Luigi Chirizzi, Simone Mattioli, Peter Bark.
Languages: English, Italian
Subtitles: English
Picture Format: 16x9 Widescreen 1.66:1
Sound: Mono 2.0
Length: 85 Minutes
  • Audio Commentary with Critics Nathaniel Thompson, Troy Howarth and Eugenio Ercolani
  • [Archive] Audio Commentary with Italian Cinema Experts Calum Waddell and John Martin
  • Return to the Burial Ground - An Interview with Peter Bark at Villa Parisi
  • The Borders of the Extreme - An Interview with Eugenio Ercolani
  • Zombie and Melodies - An Interview with Pierpaolo De Sanctis
  • 'What the Fuck?: The Films of Andrea Bianchi' An Interview with critic Mikel Koven
  • 35mm Blowup Print “Grindhouse Version”
  • Deleted Scenes / Trims
  • Trailer
  • Italian Credits Sequence
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