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Come With Me My Love / Satan Was A Lady (Blu-Ray)

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An iconic figure in New York’s exploitation and sexploitation world, like many filmmakers Doris Wishman dipped her toes into the burgeoning world of hardcore features, helming a duo of horror and thriller infused works in the mid 70s, both of which are presented here on Blu-ray for the first time.
In 1926, a man caught his wife in the arms of her lover, only to shoot them both, then himself, forcing his spirit to remain a ghostly prisoner in their apartment. 50 years later, a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to his deceased wife, moves into the same flat, only to be terrorized by the ghost who also sees fit to murder anyone he believes is competition for his new “love.” An old fashioned haunted house film updated to 70s hardcore sleaze, COME WITH ME MY LOVE stars Ursula Austin, Vanessa del Rio, Annie Sprinkle, Jeffrey Hurst, and Robert Kerman. Wishman’s directorial trademarks render this a B-movie treat from beginning to end.
Terry has always been jealous of her sister Claudia, but pretends to be happy that she’s gotten engaged to Victor, with whom Terry has been having an affair. However, unknown to Claudia, she’s been set up as a pawn by those even closer to her in a bid to drive her insane. The first hardcore feature from Wishman, SATAN WAS A LADY is a charming and twisty drama which co-stars Bree Anthony, Annie Sprinkle, C.J. Laing, Bobby Astyr, and Tony Richards!
Format: US Blu-Ray (Region-Free)
Country/Year: USA/1975/1976
Director: Doris Wishman
Actors: Ursula Austin, Vanessa del Rio, Annie Sprinkle, Jeffrey Hurst, Robert Kerman, Bree Anthony, C.J. Laing, Bobby Astyr, Tony Richards
Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Picture Format: 1.37:1
Sound: DTS HD Master Audio Mono
Length: 144 Minutes
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